Cut Glass
Inflatable Friend
the structure of the conversation
seven-nil, complete vexation

terrified, in a pleasant manner
half a slot in your daily planner

but please, ethics aside
take my confusion as your guide

but please, just let it pass
they’re not diamonds just cut glass

safety first, complete despair
without devotion, without care

someone panics, struck by lightning
take it in, deny the sighting

till then, we’ll meet again
watch it bleed and watch it bend

till then, well it depends
on what you see and what you send

the art form is ancient, the patient is patient
drunk drivers swerve through every lane
no need for concern, just watch, learn and yearn
heist films, hit singles, pain

jewellery shop to which I’ve never been
the caffeine rush, the sable brush, don’t know where to begin

marriage vows soaked in irony
close your eyes, we’ll wait and see

but please, tell me you care
nothing’s lost cause nothing’s there

but please, it’s not high mass
they’re not diamonds just cut glass
By Yves Sheriff

Few notes about this version of Cut Glass. There's 2 lines missing because when I photocopied the words, the paper didn't print the bottom page. The drum track is from a Sire rhythm track circa 1982. First I thought it could sound like New Order bass line, then more cold wave. Wish I would have had the voice of Sisters of Mercy - now it sound more like a Japanese voice doing his best.