If Nothing Else…
It’s true you’ve made your demons speak in turn
if nothing else
and clarified the fires in which you burn
if nothing else
at least you’ve put your anger to good use
if nothing else
and climatized your friends to your abuse
if nothing else

if nothing else there was a moment
which you’ll never quite remember
but identify as pleasure and therefore don’t regret
with each accomplishment you wonder
why the skies don’t roll with thunder
sure you’re bitter and forlorn but don’t forget

The way you’ve taken anger and made art
if nothing else
you’ve displayed a little talent, that was the easy part
and nothing else
at least you haven’t killed anyone yet
if nothing else
and you haven’t sold your soul but you’re not above
the occasional sublet

if nothing else you’ve seen the world the way it is
and not corroded
or corroded just a little but remain capable of thought
if nothing else your loneliness is sometimes
total, utter bliss
you’ve got a sleeve, you make believe, you’ve got a heart

At least you’ve learned the lessons that were taught
if nothing else
and analyzed the web in which you’re caught
if nothing else
there was a time when all this wouldn’t count for much
if nothing else
so go on: tell yourself you’ve been crushed

if nothing else you’ve tried to give yourself
a modicum of credit
for this life you cannot edit, for wisdom you can’t convey
and after all: no one expected
you’d produce such fierce invective
you spit bile, for a while, now call it a day

It’s true over the years you’ve melted slightly
if nothing else
as you clenched the handles to your own psyche tightly
and nothing else
at least you tried to save yourself, if nothing else
if no one else
you’ll wander aimlessly for hours
then put your heart back on the shelf
Guitar and Voice: Jacob Wren
Recording: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (hotel2tango)