Life After The Charts
And I was signed to matador
it was a label and it was a bit trendy
but I was able and they were quite friendly
this was all before the war

I never thought I’d dodge the draft
but when it came I didn’t want to fight or die
the others like me found me many ways to hide
and I could still practice my craft

And there are no charts
it removes a little but of the pressure
choose a single, have a hit
still find time to think a bit

There are still concerts now and then
the power cuts out and the songs mix with the shells
we try to pretend that it’s all not living hell
it’s getting harder to pretend

The record shops are bargain bins
you smash the windows and you take what you can find
all the music that has now been left behind
do you still care which side will win

And there are no charts
because the radio blasts propaganda
choose a single, a b-side
still find time to meekly hide
Guitar and Voice: Jacob Wren
Recording: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (hotel2tango)