My Revenge
They never criticize the guy
they always criticize his girlfriend
someday we’ll watch them slowly die
we’ll feel no guilt, we’ll only pretend

I sit and watch TV alone
the hours pass, I barely notice
I’ve always wanted so much more
to rule the world, never lose focus

Those hypocrites can bowl great games
can bite the bullet, feel no pain
there is another life for me
and I will live it gracefully

They’ll never have a single thought
their lives are sold, their lives are bought
become more bitter every day
their reindeer games, I don’t wanna play

They never talk about true love
they only brag about their conquests
and when push comes to shove
they’ll force the band to take bad requests

I understand what they cannot
but a whole lot of good it does me
the murderer is never caught
the criminals will all be set free

I’ll slit their wrists, I’ll slit my own
turn all our lives into a big Zen koan
they are just shadows in the cave
they are just notches on my grave

They’ll all get married and grow old
their lives are bought, their lives are sold
and if this song is my revenge
I’ll scream it out, sing it again and again
Guitar and Voice: Jacob Wren
Recording: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (hotel2tango)