Of Course
And of course every tender caress
ends with the hands on the throat
there’s a brute poetry to those words
but will they keep you afloat

And of course when you look at the sky
you only think of the ground
you rage against injustice today
but some day you’ll be sitting down

And course cynicism's like these
just mask a deep need to cry
and of course when we want to live more
we also know we’ll all soon die

Each life chooses it’s course
there’s some wind in the sails
with such thirst and such greed, even if you succeed
you fail

And ambition is sweet
and each touch is too much
take your life off repeat
forget all that you know, it’s a crutch

And of course every time we object
we’re admitting something we’d rather not
you tried hard to remember my name
and I tried hard to improve my lot

And of course when you think of the past
you remember only the abuse
and of course the great pleasures don’t last
and the little ones are of no use

And of course all philosophy
is just feeling out of sorts
they cut you down with a few words
ten years later the perfect retort

Each life finds it’s result
with some strange kind of math
with sweet pre-sentience, and every kind of fault
find your path
and life’s both short and long
the length of a caress
forget all that you know
there’s only time for true joy and great stress
Guitar and Voice: Jacob Wren
Recording: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (hotel2tango)