Song for the Preaching of Negativity
Sometimes I’m barely a functional creature
I’m Jacob the preacher
just preaching my nothingness

Nothingness sits between pain, between pleasure
an in between measure
not really so helpful

Just helpfully asking unanswerable questions
my endless suggestions
all leading in circles

In circles we scrape the bottom of the barrel
our scraping apparel
all crumpled and filthy

A filthy thought cleansed by a more filthy action
this perfect attraction
just drawing us closer

And closer to things we would rather not notice
like blood on the lotus
like everything’s tainted

It’s tainted to say there is no deeper meaning
this constant redeeming
of things which are soiled

Are soiled but not without function or value
places which allow you
to remain ambiguous

Ambiguous meanings of function and emotion
a natural devotion
to language and heartache

This heartache in song just might go on forever
and perhaps to cleverly
now it is over

It’s over so why is there still one last question
a simple suggestion
is always so literal

Literally I think I must sing so it follows
my heart perhaps hollow
but not my singing
Guitar and Voice: Jacob Wren
Recording: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (hotel2tango)