The Opposite of Irony
There’s nothing left to do or say
I’ll slit my wrists, I’ll be okay
I’ll sing the songs, I’ll right the wrongs
I’ll make suggestions

If life is long or if it’s short
I still have nothing to report
I’ll throw the punch, I’ll meet for lunch
I’ll take confession

The blackened eyes, the bloodied thought
your life’s been sold, your souls been bought
the games been tied, your dreams have died
and you’re not dead but at least you tried

The strangled thought, the beaten muse
you would give up but what’s the use
you knew the score but lost the war
and it would be over but you still want more

So this is how the story ends
my one true love says lets just be friends
I’ll sleep alone, I’ll dial the phone
I’ll dance without you

All hope is gone, the child is born
like good T.V., like violent porn
I’ll be a star, wait in the car
I’ll make the truth true

You’re having trouble breathing you’ve forgot what you’ve been told
make me a burnt offering to keep my fingers cold
I didn’t think I cared, but now that I’ve been spurned
I’ve forgotten all the dance steps and am sickened by the turns

The damaged hand, the strangled truth
so little time, so much abuse
I wanted to say something but the words were not a cure
when you moved to another country to keep your image pure
Guitar and Voice: Jacob Wren
Recording: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (hotel2tango)