The Return to High School
The teenage girls who drank ice tea
are all grown up, run spelling bee’s
go back to school, get back to work
watch yourself become that tepid office clerk

high-school memories, cemeteries
Bryan Adams piped into centenaries
one more time let’s get it right
I have a headache not tonight

Those little moments of deep thought
swallowed up by the fashions that time forgot
cute boy with flowers, understand
the size of your shoes, the weight of loves demand

everyone wrote poems, those were the days
the taste of vodka soaked in lemonade
taste the desk job, bake those pies
try your parents on for size

Civilized, comatose, digital, a bit morose
seven figures, several dates
ice cream trucks, ultimate hate

suicide, but why escape
Bryan Adams the soundtrack for another date rape
sitting here, a lapse in time
I can’t go back, commit that crime

Suck back the coffee in a daze
destroy the boss, demand a raise
urine stains, heartbreak songs
defend your youth when it’s all gone
Guitar and Voice: Jacob Wren
Recording: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (hotel2tango)